uit WILD (= poems by Ben Okri)

We could transform our lives today,
seek out a higher way.
The Buddha sat beneath a tree
and then from all illusions became free.
And as we travel this life that is a sea
we can have glimpses of eternity.

We can join that growing fight
to stop our world being plunged into night.
We can wake to the power of our voice,
change the world with the power of our choice.
But there is nothing we can do
if we do not begin to think anew.
We're not much more than how we think;
in our minds we swim our sink.

If there's one secret I'd like to share
it is that we are what we dream,
or what we fear.
So dream a good dream today.
Keep it growing in every way.
Allow the moments of your life
to help us win the good fight
or spread some light.