Nieuwjaarsgedicht Ben Okri

Elke dag voegt Okri* een regeltje toe aan zijn gedicht voor het jaar…

O that abstract garden of being
Tells me to be brave, and clear,
In the fire of living,
So I will grow me like an old oak tree
And make life’s honey like a bee.
Each day I will walk an interesting mile
And with the sun I’ll share a smile.
I will play again like a child,
And celebrate what’s wild.
I will swim in every sea or river,
and reflect the light of the sublime giver.
I will be at ease with opposition,
and will cultivate intuition.
I will walk the surprising streets,
and dance to life’s unexpected beats.
I will notice all the phases of the moon
and try not to act too late or too soon.
I will write something new every day
and look at paintings in an alternative way. 
I’ will not dream the same way twice;
but I’ll not be shy to repeat what’s nice.
I’ll have the courage, when needed, to change;
and won’t forget that life is strange.
And so I’ll learn to love the simple things
as well as the complexity that life brings.
Good or bad I’ll treat the same
and I’ll not forget that it’s all a mysterious game.
I’ll not let that general fear of death run my life
into the higher realms I will enter
O that abstract garden, make me clear,
make me brave, without fear.
I intend to love this rich new year.

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* Ben Okri kreeg in 2009 van de UAB het eredoctoraat in de Utopia